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      It is no longer as much about the completion of the work itself, as about the degree of quality associated, the extent of exploitation of resources, the efficiency of operations, and the ‘output’ value. Though this is relevant to all organizations today, it is more so with higher education, given that its ‘output’ is in turn an ‘input’ into all sectors and organizations, either internally or externally.

 Deanship of Academic development at Jazan University aims to exert maximum  efforts in developing education processes that contribute in improving knowledge and skills of the JU graduates, in order to augment their competitiveness with concurrent market-dynamics. This we endear to achieve by adopting best national and international quality standards and practices not only in teaching and learning, but in all academic and quasi-academic affairs of the university.




     In pursuit of excellence in academia, Jazan University believes in the inevitability of a strategic (long-term) planning, and the need to details in the short-term plans. This drives the Deanship of Academic Development (DAD) to place planning as its first priority towards leading and ensuring consistency in all university activities. We are committed to providing all support and adopting initiatives that aim to enhance education quality, efficiency and effectiveness, eventually leading up to obtaining program and institutional accreditation from prestigious national/ international regulators.

    Since quality and academic excellence remain a pursuit for us, and never an accomplishment, we look forward to your continued cooperation and contribution.

اخر الاخبار


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