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  Beginning with the name of God, praise be to Allah, the word of God- the Holy Quran, Peace and blessings be upon the seal of the prophets and messengers, Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.  

It has taken Jazan University accelerated and balanced steps towards the completion of its system of academics and research. The University now proudly functions nearly twenty-five faculties in almost all the disciplines in addition to a number of centers, research institutes and consultation departments. It is a great achievement considering that the University has been setup not too long ago. And this did not just come from vacuum, it has become a reality due to the efforts of the loyal sons of the country, headed by the Honorable President, Dr. Mohammed bin Ali AlHayaza and the generous support and intensive contribution of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Nasser Bin AbdulAziz, Emir of Jizan region.

One of the main goals of Jazan University since its inception has been to contribute to the progress and development of education and scientific research through theoretical concepts, research and scientific applications, especially in technical fields. Another constant effort has been the establishment of links and MOU’s with local, Arab and foreign universities, and coordination with them in all that would develop higher education, upgrading and achievement of its development objectives.

Another objective of the University is to take care of the research related to the Kingdom’s main characteristics- geographical, social, economic and political, and that will be the focus of the graduate studies programs the University plans to develop, especially in the areas that serve the Saudi society and the environment and meet the needs of the society.

Based on these and other goals the University was keen to establish the Deanship of Graduate Studies - as one of the important Deanships at the university - for their role in working to coordinate and activate the acceptance of undergraduate students to continue their higher education. The students would in the future be able to meet the needs of the community and contribute to the human development efforts of the state through scientific research, which represents a major factor for the development of various forms and is the main vehicle for the growth and development of civilization. Hence, the role of Graduate Studies holds significance in achieving the desired goal through the theses prepared by students and graduate students for their master's and doctoral degrees.

The deanship, in turn, is always keen to organize several training courses, workshops, conferences and seminars related to graduate studies in order to exchange experiences and knowledge with other academic institutions of common interest within and outside the Kingdom, which will contribute to the academic development of the faculty, and to highlight the leading role of Jazan University as a sophisticated and advanced academic institution.

For more information and to communicate I am pleased to invite students and science enthusiasts to browse the site of Deanship of Graduate Studies and not hesitate in expressing their opinion and suggestions about the development of the site, so that we may provide the best electronic services.

"God bless us with what is good"

Dean of Graduate Studies

Prof. Dr. Ali Bin Hussein AlSumaili