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Deanship of Graduate Studies Council


Duties of the Deanship Council

The Deanship of Graduate Studies Council is responsible for all matters and decision making related to graduate college education and take the necessary decisions within its jurisdiction, as required by this regulation. In particular it performs the following duties:

1 - Policy proposal for higher studies, if modified perform coordination in all colleges and institutes of the university and the follow-up implementation after approval.

2 - Propose internal regulations in coordination with academic departments regarding the organization of graduate studies.

3 - Drafting the proposal for acceptance for higher studies, implementation and supervision.

4 - Recommendation of leave programs developed after consideration and coordination between existing programs.

5 - Recommend approval of the graduate courses and those that need to undergo modification.

6 - Recommending titles of graduate degrees in Arabic and English following up on the decision taken by college boards.

7 - Recommendation to grant degrees.

8 - To decide on all matters relating to student’s graduate programs at the university.

9 - To approve the formation of committees to oversee and discuss Theses.

10 - Put the general framework of the research plan and the rules governing how to write a scientific thesis, print and take it out and submit forms and reports to the committee for discussion and final approval.

11 - Evaluating the graduate programs at the University on a regular basis by committees or specialized bodies from within or from outside the university.

12 - The study of periodic reports submitted by academic departments in the University.

13 – Communication and transmission of suggestions and decisions to the University Council, the President, or the Directors for their feedback and suggestions.

Council members:

 Based on the adoption of the resolution by His Excellency the Minister of Education of the Fifth University Council for the academic year 1439/1440 AH held on 12/08/1440 AH corresponding to 17/04/2019, to reconstitute the Council of the Deanship of Graduate Studies for two years from the date of 15/08/1440 AH. After discussion, the Council took the following decision:

Resolution No. (19)

Approve the restructuring of the Deanship of Graduate Studies Council for two years from 15/08/1440 AH and include the following as members:


Deanship of Graduate Studies

Dean of Deanship of Graduate Studies


Deanship of Graduate Studies

Vice Dean of Graduate Studies


Faculty of Education

Prof. Dr. Qasim bin A'il Al-Harbi


Deanship of Scientific Research

Dean of Deanship of Scientific Research


College of Science

Dr. Ibrahim bin Ali Rudaini


Dean of the University College in Abu Arish

Dr. Ibtisam Ali Mohammed Masmali


Dean of Deanship of Admission and Registration

Dr. Ahmad bin Yahya Faqihi


Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Mohammed bin Hamoud Habibi


Faculty of Sharia and Law

Dr. Mohammed bin Abdo Awaf Hamdi


Faculty of medicine

Dr. Ibrahim Mata'an Ibrahim Qasadi


faculty of Pharmacy

Dr. Ahmed bin Abdulrahman AlBuraq


Deanship of Graduate Studies

Mr. Ahmad bin Hassan Matahri