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Deanship Publications
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Deanship Publications


 The Deanship's publications include two important guides:


 1 - Guide to the unified list of graduate studies in Saudi universities and its executive rules at Jazan University.

     It contains graduate organizing materials from the beginning of program development to admission procedures, academic procedures, etc.

     This guide is very important for the college, department, faculty and graduate students.


  2 - Guide to Graduate Studies Procedures.

      It contains a simple and clear explanation of all procedures related to postgraduate studies. Each procedure has been set up as illustrative steps.

This guide is indispensable to the student, faculty, and department.


 3 - Guidelines for Writing Theses (MA - PhD)

 This guide contains the guiding steps for undertaking scientific research. It includes the latest contemporary methods in writing and preparing scientific theses, such as: electronic documentation, Internet references, CDs and knowledge source. We have tried to provide a comprehensive guide that contain research methods in all the different disciplines.