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Download Name of the form  
Download Graduate Program Evaluation Form - (Second Resident) (g-04)
Download Graduate Program Evaluation Form (First Resident) (g-03)
Download Number of Postgraduate Students Proposed for Admission (g-05)
Download Postgraduate Application Form (g-06)
Download Advanced Admissions Form for Graduate Programs (g-07)
Download Calculate the Grades (for accepted students with a high good in the general average) (g-08)
Download Form for the establishment and modification of the curriculum of graduate students (g-10)
Download Form for proposed Search Plan (g-11)
Download Request for supervision of scientific papers for postgraduate students from outside the university (g-13)
Download Follow-up form for postgraduate students (g-14)
Download Graduate Student Conversion Form and Equation of Courses (G-15)
Download Grade Modification Model (g-16)
Download Amendment of continuous (IP) or incomplete (IC) (g-17)
Download Form for the comprehensive degree of tests (g-18)
Download Message Examination Form (g-19)
Download Recommendation for awarding a degree (Report of the Discussion and Judgment Committee) (g-21)
Download Report of the representative of the Deanship of Graduate Studies when discussing the Master's and Ph.D. programs (G-22)
Download Sample announcement of the date of discussion of a scientific message (g-23)
Download Request Form for Hosting a Discussion from Outside the Jazan Region (g-24)
Download Memorandum submitted to the Tripartite Committee for re-registration of students and students of the Deanship of Graduate Studies (G-25)
Download University evacuation (g-26)
Download Form for recommendation for granting a grade (g-27)
Download Postgraduate Studies Report Form (g-28)
Download Employer approval form (g-31)
Download Graduate Student Application Form (g-32)
Download Non-employee student pledge form (g-33)
Download Standard form for financial procedures (g-30)
Download Form for Approval / Development of Graduate Program (General Track) (g-01)
Download Postgraduate Certificate / Development (More than Path) (g-02)
Download Sample Result of Post Graduate Candidate Selection (g-34)
Download Proposal Form for Plan (g-35)
Download Standard Form of Academic Procedures g-09
Download Test Certificate Form (g-36)
Download Model of development / development of a general course program
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Download Form for development / development of more than one course
Download Proposed Search Plan Form (g-11)
Download Proposed Search Plan Form (g-35)