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Mission & Goals & Vision


Graduate programs leading in innovation and quality according to internationally recognized standards and in line with the steady growth of the various fields of knowledge in order to cater to the needs of Saudi society and the labor market.

The achievement of teaching and learning and scientific research featured in the context of a supportive and conducive atmosphere.


The Mission of Deanship of Graduate Studies at the University of Jazan is as follows:

1 - To contribute to the preparation of a detailed, well laid out plan for outstanding graduate programs and pioneering scientific research.

2 - Interaction with the interested parties to develop knowledge, and meet the needs and requirements of the society and the labor market.

3 - Graduation of specialists with high level of training, and who are able to participate effectively in the development of society in all fields through their degrees in advanced study programs.

4 – Spreading awareness and the acquiring of values ​​and skills necessary to improve the competitiveness of employment opportunities and quality of life.

5 – A viable, high yielding scientific research that provides the necessary and anticipated returns on development.



The Deanship of Graduate Studies at the University of Jazan aims to be a center for the production of knowledge, meaningful and authentic scientific research, which serves the local environment, and contributes to the achievement of sustainable development in the manifold aspects of scientific knowledge, political, economic, social well-being. The aim is to devise a study plan that would provide the students facilities to acquire knowledge, experiences, skills and the values ​​necessary for the development of creative thinking and critical analysis that would enable them to keep pace with scientific development. At the same time deal with the revolution in communications and information technology, in addition to preserving the values ​​of humanity stemming from our rich heritage, respect for the principles, ethics and commitment to humanitarian endeavors.

To promote the philosophy of higher education in general, the development of knowledge and skills of the students, and to encourage the spirit of scientific research and accepted methods. To provide the community with cadres possessing specialized competencies who are able to participate actively in building society that is developed in various fields- political, economic, social, health, cultural and technological developments that have become a feature of this era. Accordingly, the Deanship has multiple targets that are as follows:

1. Special focus on preservation of the study of Islamic studies and Arabic, promote published works that would contribute to scientific progress in various fields and work to make scientific research a contributing factor towards the community.

2. Contribute to the enrichment of human knowledge in general through specialized studies and scientific research and applied sciences.

3. Attract outstanding students from among the University graduates to continue their higher studies in other universities and develop their skills and creativity, open up an area for the exercise of scientific activity in a suitable atmosphere so they may cope with the march of progress and scientific development.

4. The preparation of scientific competence, professionalism and rehabilitation work in various fields.

5. Development of scientific talent and thrust on creativity and innovation, and encourage scientific research and guidance to address issues of Saudi society.

6. Contribute to the improvement of undergraduate programs, to achieve integration with graduate programs.

7. Cooperation with universities and research centers of excellence in graduate programs.

8. Linking graduate needs necessary for the development plan and the short-and long term plans to achieve its objectives in accordance with the needs of the community and the environment in which we live.

9. Consolidate scientific research based on trying to solve scientific problems in the humanities and direct students to choose useful research interests that would contribute to solving the problems of society and difficult issues being faced locally, and in the Arab and international arena.

10. Develop creativity, innovation and special attention of researchers so they may have the potential of self-development and utilization of natural resources of the country.

11. Interest in the field and experimental studies to address the problems of educational, social and economic security and to develop appropriate solutions to these problems and come up with the results of scientific recommendations to help overcome the difficulties and obstacles and work to remove them.

12. Activating the culture of investigation and authoring, translation and scientific references and textbooks, and publication in scientific journals of local and international repute.

13. Openness to the intellectual and cultural heritage of the Arab and Islamic nation and work to revive the past glory and sense of discovery and innovation as possessed by our forefathers.