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English Deanships Portal/Deanship of Graduate Studies

The Tasks carried out by the Dean:

The role of Graduate Studies in the advancement of scientific research and development is of paramount importance for all the University's colleges and departments. Different decisions are taken in order to efficiently oversee graduate programs, and ensure that the recommendations are ratified, evaluated and coordinated continuously. The Deanship’s many tasks include the following:

1. Presidency of the Council of Graduate Studies at the University of Jazan.

2. Decision making for Graduate Studies at the University of Jazan.

3. Perform documentation and devise organization models for academic and administrative affairs, and guide graduate students in writing scientific writing.

4. Follow up the implementation of the rules and regulations of the Uniform Rules for postgraduate studies in addition to the decisions of the Council of Graduate Studies of the University Council and related matters.

5. Organizing technical and administrative affairs, finance for higher studies and coordination with the relevant authorities.

6. Follow up with the implementation of decisions which have been approved by the Council of the Deanship.

7. Developing a systematic approach to guiding University students so that they may find it convenient and easy to take decisions regarding pursuing further studies abroad.

8. Develop links and communications with the university authorities, centers and units of local research centers, organizations in the Arab world and other foreign universities.

9. Reporting on the progress of high school graduate to the University Council at the end of each academic year after their inclusion into the Council of Graduate Studies.

10. The preparation of the general rules for joint graduate programs and internal regulations of Jazan University.

11. Gather the necessary information about the graduate programs available at universities in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world and International universities, especially with regard to master's and doctoral programs for use in the development of graduate programs at the University of Jazan.

12. Provide academic programs with high scientific standards that put Jazan University at par with the ranks of distinguished universities.