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English Deanships Portal/Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Learning
Department of Technical Support & Management


Vision, Mission and Goals

Advanced training plan for faculty members

Development Training Plan for faculty members

Special training Plan for faculty members

Student Training Plan

The University Learning Management System (LMS)


Vision, Mission and objectives


Teaching faculty members and students to practice professionalism and proficiency in the use of software and systems of e-learning, distance education and educational technology.


Department of Support Management provides training and technical support to scientific planning and for the flexible implementation of training programs designed for the delivery of the concepts of e-learning for faculty and students and to link them under an integrated system.


1-Provide training to all members of the faculty and students in accordance with the training programs of the Department.

2- Non-compliance with the place or time to carry out the training, whether it is for faculty members or students.

3-Provide technical support for faculty and students regarding the training programs.

4- Using the latest technology and methods in the process of training and technical support.