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English Deanships Portal/Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Learning
Distance Education
Distance learning is a pattern of Education that uses teaching techniques through an electronic medium in the educational process and management of the interaction, characterized by the separation between the teacher and the learner, or between the learners themselves, or between learners and learning resources. The separation is either dimension of space outside of the educational institution or dimension of learning time 

System of distance learning at the Jazan University:

Distance learning at the Jazan University is represented by an integrated system of elements that interact together, to achieve a specific set of goals, the following figure shows the components of that system:


The first pillar: the basic elements of distance learning
Second Pillar: learning management and support
Third Pillar: the elements of partnership and support
Fourth Pillar: Evaluation of learning and quality assurance
The final tests
The development of administrative distance education
Rules and regulations of distance education
Withdrawing from the distance education program
Distance Learning Program
Study Plan for students of distance education
Admission and Registration Terms