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Jazan University Organizes a Workshop to discuss implementation of the Strategic Plan 2020
​Jazan University organized the third workshop for developing its strategic plan Sunday morning. A number of Deans, University Vice Presidents and teaching staff attended  the mentioned workshop, participated by the team of the executive plan that totalled around 80 people from all University colleges, deanships and departments.

​The Dean of Academic Development, Dr. Naif Azyabi explained that the workshop came within the action plan of the University. He added  that the workshop came under the supervision of Vice President for Quality and Academic Development, represented by  Deanship of Academic Development. 
The workshop was held through collaboration with the British Brunel University team, who presented this workshop, trying to implement and develop the same. Dr. Naif explained that the participants have been  working approximately for three months. They have  been distributed into 15 specialized teams for formulating the strategic goals of the University, setting out the path of the University up to the year 2020.
​Dr. Naif stressed that the strategic goals of the workshop are distributed between the objectives that focus on completing the infrastructure with its two parts: the architectural and technical, and the area of educational  improvement, excellence of scientific research and participation in community service. This phase aims to transform the strategic goals into realistic projects, specific initiatives can be measured and the performance of which can be followed up. In addition, it targets to define the performance standards and criterion indicators that enable the University to know the progress in achieving its vision and objectives.

​Dr. Azyabi mentioned that this workshop was preceded by others that represented the initial phase of analyzing the strategic plan, arranging the priorities of the work and agreeing on models, ways and mechanisms of work of the executive plan. It will be followed by a fourth one centered on developing  the plans of colleges, deanships and various authorities through compatibility with the strategic plan of the University. Thus, harmony will be achieved among all University components, aiming to achieve the strategic plan of the University for the year 2020.
 News Date: 1/29/2016 Last Update: 1/15/2019 4:43 PM