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Administration of Student Funds

This administration can be described as the backbone of the Deanship, through which most of the activities and programs implemented by the deanship are financed, as well as continuous coordination of this administration with the General administration of Financial and Administrative Affairs of the University, about the programs that are financed by the two administrations or by one of them.

The administration of students fund besides financing the student activities provides a number of services for students. It Includes loans and financial aids; such as marriage loans, subsidies for the provision of medical devices for people with special health conditions. The Fund also develops the project of student’s employment through which dozens of students have been recruited according to employment contracts in which the number of hours of work and payment are identified, given that the work will not conflict with study. Five male students and five female students from each of the seventeen University Colleges are recruited in each semester. They provide employment of a number of male and female students in some supporting Deanships that need part time jobs, and other departments of the University, such as Public Relations Administration, the University Newspaper, and other administrations.