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The Club of Business Administration was established at the University on the approval of Jazan University President. Among the attendees was the Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Mohammad Habibi and his Excellency the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration
Dr. Ali Mudabbish, the Coordinator of Department of Law, Mr. Asim Madkhali and the Secretary of the Faculty Council Ahmed Al Majrashi, some of the administrative staff and students of the faculty  of Business Administration.

About the club:

The club is an academic gathering affiliated to the Deanship of Student Affairs, that brings together business students, and interested persons from the rest of the University, students from outside the college and outside the university.

Club Vision:

Help provide access of the university community to the business management community, outline the importance of business management and implement management skills and make use of it in the life processes.


Club Mission:

Disseminate the culture of business management among university students, and train them on how to manage all aspects of working life with more efficiency.

    Effectiveness and enhancement of  the creative and innovative ideas and put them into practice.

Programs we Achieved

The art of self-management course
Consumer Protection campaign
Conference of National economy, challenges and aspirations, under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
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Future club Programs
Training activities:
1. Course to disseminate the entrepreneurial culture.
2. Course in create the resume and prepare for interview.
3. Course in the art of etiquette and protocol at the workplace.
4. Course in Financial Analysis.

Cultural activities
1. How do you enjoy the university
2. Shares contest
3. Best club Director competition who implement management standards
4. Visit to the Ministry of Commerce and Prince Salman Institute for Entrepreneurship
5. Visit to a group of distinct banks of the region
To register for the club

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