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Computer Science Club

نادي الحاسب الآلي


The Computer Club is one of the specialized activities in the field of computers, which gives computer enthusiasts and those concerned about it excellent opportunity to develop their skills and abilities, through distinctive programs offered by the club for its members in various fields as well as through contact with professionals, experts and participate in most of the internal and external events related to the latest development of technology and information technology. All this is done in a flexible atmosphere far from the classroom environment, and the routine.

Welcome to the Computer Club, center of excellence and innovation


Date of establishment of the club: Monday, 20 Jumada Al-Akhir  1432

 Number of club members: +300 member, and more than 500 online members

The current director of the club: Ghareeb Gharrebi  (College of Computer Science)

The most important activities and events offered by the Computer Club for the academic year   (1433-1434 H):
- Organization of "the most beautiful logo" contest of the Institute of research and counseling services in the university.
- Get a partnership with Microsoft Corporation.
- Organization of the activities of the fourth student forum for students in the University of Jazan.
- Participation in the operetta "Our is Gold " on the occasion of the recovery of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques may Allah prolong his age.
Conduct a course in the "Principles and the basics of Photoshop."
- Conduct a course in the "Introduction to Computer".
- Participation in the organization of events of the contest of the Deanship of Student Affairs National Day.
- Scientific and technical visit to GITEX exhibition in Dubai.  


 The most important activities and events provided by the Computer Club for the academic year that (1432-1433H):
First: Training Courses:

- Basics of design and programming of the iPhone apps and iPad
- Computer Viruses from Theory to Practice
- IP Address Workshop
- The basics of networking in CCNA
- The basics of Web Design Using Joomla
- The basics of Photoshop (for students)
- How to write a scientific research
- Basics of networks using Packet Tracer program
- Mad hackers between penetration and protection
- Professionalism in Photoshop (for students- Academic Campus)
- Photoshop-step by step towards professionalism (for female students - Faculty of Medicine)
Second:   Online Courses (attendance via Internet)
- The basics of Photoshop
- Colors Energy
- Steps to ensure you success in tests
- Invest time
- The dawn of your energies
- Ant Academy
Third: Competitions
- Computer Club competition, within the event of the fourth visit of student to   the Kingdom universities   .
- Hackers contest 1
- Contest of designing the most beautiful site for the Computer Club
- Contest of designing a logo for the computer club
Fourth: Organizing Events
- Organizing the activities of the fourth student forum of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia universities  
- Organizing  the  scientific research day in the  faculty  of Computer sciences
- Organize the activities of the fourth student forum for students in the University of Jazan
- Preparation and  print of "Student dairy"
- Participation in the organization of activities of the second book fair in Jazan University
- Holding a Course in "Communication skills with the visually impaired."
Fifth: Visits
- The visit to Prince Sultan Center for Science and Technology in the eastern region
- Visit to the 2nd Google Conference in Saudi Arabia
- Visit to the Third Scientific Conference in AlKhobar