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Dean Message


  The Deanship of Student Affairs plays one of the most important roles in the University as it has direct interaction with the students and its responsibility is to ensure  their wellbeing and overall development. The Deanship's performance is at par with the other Universities, and it has now assumed immense importance due to its growing responsibilities. The Deanship looks after students' requirement of adequate housing, nutrition, medical & health services, provision of study material and books, providing academic guidance and assistance, subsidies and financial support to needy students from the Student Fund, within the guidelines and regulations laid down for it.

Regarding Student Activity, the Deanship has setup various programs for this purpose. The Deanship of Student Affairs realizes the magnitude of the responsibility placed on it, and realizes that the main objective is to serve the students of the university and ensure that they are well cared for. But at the same time we apologize in advance for any inefficiency and delay that might occur in carrying out our aims. Our sole objective is to improve the level of service and care, asking at the same time for God's help and success.

                                                    Dean of Student Affairs
                                              Dr. Mohammed Hamoud Habibi