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Deanship Comnittees

1 - Department of Student Activities:
Student activities fall under the following sections:

Department of cultural activities :
Includes annual competitions at the university level. The deanship prepares and advertises at the beginning of each school year, sets deadlines, and announces the results before the end of the second quarter in the closing ceremony of the activities. These include competition of Quran and the Hadith, literary competition in poetry, story writing and articles, theater, and art competition in line and composition, design and cultural competition between colleges (Knights of the university), also includes the activity: lectures, seminars and poetry evenings and open meetings with officials at the university, or about issues and topics of interest to students, that are conducted in the University Theatre and addressed to all university students.

 Department of sporting activities:
The Deanship conducts a number of tournaments annually at the university level; including the Football Championship League, Volleyball Championship, Table Tennis Championship, the Billiards Championship, League Championship in Swimming etc. The teams are selected through Inter College competitions and these teams then participate in sports competitions at University level in the Kingdom and the Gulf states.

 Department of social activities:
The Deanship organizes various social activities open for participation to all the University students, including :

-Two trips during the year in each semester trip out of the Province to identify the parameters of our precious kingdom, and to achieve harmony and communication between the people of the university, who have gathered together for these trips; also with their brothers in other universities.

-Two trips inside the province to areas of tourist attractions and monuments, to get to know the area's historical and archaeological sites, and to achieve harmony and communication between the people of the university who gathered for these trips.

-Two visits during the year to the factories and government institutions.
- Celebration of national events.
- Organizing awareness days and community service.
- Honoring outstanding students of the year.
- Organize a meeting of freshmen with His Excellency, the Rector and some senior university officials.
- The work of the annual naval camp in the spring under the name of (Jazan University marine spring camp) starts at the level of university students first and then can be developed later to be at the level of other universities in the Kingdom .

Department of training courses:
The Deanship provides facilities for short and long courses to develop the skills of students of the university; at the rate of six annual cycles, it can be increased according to the available resources. The available ones are (courses in computers, courses in personality development, time management, manufacturing excellence, and courses in the arts and literature, such as story writing, poetry, article writing, theater, courses in acting and directing courses, in calligraphy, fine arts, courses in web design and designing models; courses in community service, courses for women in handicrafts etc.) and the implementation of a training plan for the above.

2- Department of Housing:
The mission of this department deals with matters of housing management and supervision of the university and solving problems; In coordination with the administrators of residential units.

3 -Department of Nutrition :

This task includes management of bars, cafeterias and restaurants within the university, and the submission of periodic reports, and treatment of irregularities and take the necessary preventive steps.

4- Financial Management:
This deals with the task of overseeing the audit and bills coming from colleges regarding activities, and supervision of the Deanship of revenue and expenditure, and everything related to the student grants.

5- Department of Public Relations and Information:
The deals with the task of receiving guests of the Deanship, and all the necessary arrangement for receiving guests and hotel reservations, flight and buses, and the preparation of programs, visits and excursions; in addition to its own media coverage of Learning Programs.

6- Warehouse management

7- Communications Management