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The Deanship of Student Affairs is one of the most important Deanships of the University, as it creates a major impact in the life of a college student. This is the major role played by the deanship, which strives to create and provide a social and educational environment, also promotion cultural activities and sports, which allows students plenty of opportunities to develop their abilities and to showcase their skills . We make sure all their requirements are taken care of, by specialists in the field of social and psychological care, also develop their intellect and intelligence and provide any health services needed throughout their program.
The Deanship aims to help the students in all possible ways to solve the problems faced by them, and to create the right atmosphere for their betterment and success. The objective is to assist the students in achieving the highest level of educational attainment through direct control of the various student activities and supervision units of residential buildings, health services and nutrition provided to them...

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