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Department of Nutrition

Second: Department of Nutrition :

This Department deals with the management to oversee the nutrition services for students in the university, the supervision of the contractor’s nutrition facilities, follow-up of commitment to the terms of the contract and the application of what was in the bid requirements, specifications for food approved by the university, supervision of the official ceremonies for the delegations, for university students, Functions for university students, participation in the provision of services to the student activities and camps, and nutrition services within the housing units of students.

To provide food services in accordance with the standards of the University.


To provide healthy and balanced meals, and to create awareness among students on sound nutritional habits and a balanced diet.

1. Supervision of the restaurants, cafeterias and canteens within colleges and housing units.

2. Issue and granting of tenders for nutrition facilities, the study of all financial, technical, health related and nutrition aspects, and the award of the tender after completing a thorough study of all the presentations and submissions.

3. Full supervision and direction of restaurants, cafeterias and canteens at all sites delivered to the contractor in terms of commitment to the brochure terms and conditions, in terms of cleanliness and food sold, and their suitability and commitment to contractor prices.

4. Complete control of the university student concerts and events hosted by the university’s student delegations and various activities within the university.

5. Seminars and lectures, including nutrition and healthy habits for students by dieticians and nutrition specialists.

6. Publication of brochures, leaflets for food during the days of health education.

1. Contracts and Procurement Unit

2. Follow-up and monitoring Unit.

3. Computer Module.

4. Copies and Documentation Unit.