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English Deanships Portal/Deanship of Student Affairs
Mission & Goals & Vision


Helping the students to build a balanced personality, instill in them love for their country and its leadership. To discover and hone their talents, abilities and skills and guide them in the most appropriate manner, so they may have a bright and secure future and can excel in their respective careers.


The Deanship of Student Affairs seeks to develop the overall personality of its students so that they may embody the right values and become ideal citizens who contribute to the development of the society. After graduating, they should be able to contribute to the development of society. While the University Colleges and faculties combine to give the student academic credentials, the Deanship of Student Affairs cares for and seeks to impart the necessary skills and experience of extracurricular activities which complement cognitive skills. These help in creating a balanced and all round personality. If the provision of comfortable housing, nutrition, health and medical services, University Books and study materials, subsidies and financial loans are arranged properly, then the student can concentrate on their courses and excel in their respective fields of study. The Deanship emphasizes on the adaption and support of activities that help to develop cultural activities and technical skills, artistic talent and creativity in the student’s personality. The objective is to create a balanced personality in the young men and women who are confident, have the intellect, cultural awareness and communication skills and openness to adapt to positive changes.


Development of the student’s abilities and make them aware culturally, socially, improve their technical knowledge, numerical ability and IQ level and to provide them assistance and guidance in this regard.

1 - To contribute to the construction of the student’s personality and the student’s social awareness, mathematical skills and artistic abilities, and guidance to achieve a balanced personality, love for their country and its leadership.
2 - Developing patriotism among students by making them aware of the country’s achievements, and confirming their allegiance and dedication to their homeland.
3 – To discover the talents of the students, and the development and refinement of this talent so that they may employ their creative potential in fruitful and beneficial activities.
4 – To help the students to acquire additional knowledge and skills, and instill many of the noble values ​​and positive changes in them.
5 – To raise the spirit of fair competition, develop interpersonal skills and strengthen social relationships with their classmates, teachers and the community.