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Science Club




We aim at being a distinguished active club to improve the student’s scientific thinking and provide scientific services to the University and the community. Our mission is that "Science leads to the progress of Nations". Our objectives are seeking to achieve the most important task, that is the discovery of talents and capabilities and scientific tendencies among students and invest their spare time in encouraging some scientific hobbies and their development. Also, acquisition of scientific knowledge, practicing them, supporting the spirit of scientific research, innovation and creativity of the students and the adoption and implementation of scientific ideas and appreciating the efforts of scientists and those who work in the fields of science in the service of community. It also aims towards the development and training of students according to high quality standards and the dissemination of the culture of interest towards science and scientists and the participation of university students in scientific forums and training workshops locally and internationally.

  Principles we adopt : Creativity - Excellence - Honesty - Fairness - Teamwork - Discipline - Participation







 Visit Saudi Aramco

*Attend the International Book Fair, held  in Riyadh
* Conducting the course "Be a researcher" by Professor Hassan Duah
* Participation in the organization of cultural days -Kady Mall in Jazan
* Conducting a course in "Change for creativity", by Instructor : Mohamed Mazidi
* Participation in the operetta of the recovery of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
* Visit to the Prince Sultan Center for Sciences and Technology " SCITECH "