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Society Partnership Club



Our Mission:

We, the team of society partnership seek to highlight the participation of the university student clubs, perform the documentation of all internal and external achievements, reformulate and improve them and then display them on the university site.

Our Vision:

Promote the general awareness and communicate with all student clubs and raise issues and behaviors dramatically and in a clear and obvious manner.

Our Objectives:

1- Connect young people to Islamic values in their behavior and lives.

2-Educate students of the university in an exciting, motivational way. 

3-Promote thinking of the university student by offering a number of issues of concern to the community and treatment in a meaningful way.

4-Develop the media content for the better and make it purposeful.

5-Communicate with all student clubs through the delivery of their works and activity inside and outside the university.

6-Active participation in all educational activities, social and youth, services and cooperation with all sectors.



Members and officials:

Sultan Shafie: Club Director
Ahmed Ghawi: Deputy Director
Basim Shibli: Secretariat
Adil Ali Al Sahili: Photographer
Hassan Essam Khawaji: Member
Ahmed Ali Al-Hazmi: Member
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